Trailblazer Books by Dave and Neta Jackson are adventure novels about pioneer missionaries and Christian heroes such as George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Amy Charmichael, Dwight Moody, Nate Saint, Florence Nightingale. Trailblazer Books are historical fiction for young readers. Other Christian heroes include Gladys Aylward, Mary McLeod Bethune, William Booth, William Bradford (Mayflower), John Bunyan, Elizabeth Fry, Judson, David Livingstone, John Newton, Menno Simons, Mary Slessor, William Tyndale, Whitman, Zeisberger, Carver. Girls and boys read Trailblazer Books. Books for older readers by Dave & Neta Jackson may be found at their Web site. All material © 1999 by Dave and Neta Jackson.

-- 1.8 Million Sold --

Trailblazer Books

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By Dave and Neta Jackson

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