Trailblazer Books about Missionaries

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The Hidden Jewel
About Amy Carmichael

Escape from the Slave Traders
Escape from the Slave Traders
About David Livingstone

Imprisoned in the Golden City
About Adoniram & Anne Judson

Shanghaied to China
About Hudson Taylor

Attack in the Rye Grass
About Marcus & Naracissa Whitman

Trial By Poison
Trial by Poison
About Mary Slessor

Flight of the Fugitives
About Gladys Aylward

Quest for the Lost Prince
Quest for the Lost Prince
About Samuel Morris

The Warrior's Challenge
About David Zeisgerger

TheFate of the Yellow Woodbee
About Nate Saint

Mask of the Wolf Boy
About Jonathan & Rosalind Goforth

Race for the Record
About Joy Ridderhof

Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp
About Barbrooke Grubb

Drawn by a China Moon
About Lottie Moon

Sinking the Dayspring
About John G. Paton

Risking the Forbidden Game
About dMaude Cary

Blinded by the Shining Path
About Rómulo Sauñe

Exiled to the Red River
About Chief Spokane Garry