Trailblazer Books about Social Reformers

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Kidnapped by River Rats
About William and Catherine Booth

The Hidden Jewel
About Amy Carmichael

Escape from the Slave Traders
Escape from the Slave Traders
About David Livingstone

The Chimney Sweep's Ransom
About John Wesley

The Bandit of Ashley Downs
About George Müller

Listen for the Whippoorwill
About Harriet Tubman

Trial By Poison
Trial by Poison
About Mary Slessor

Flight of the Fugitives
About Gladys Aylward

The Runaway's Revenge
About John Newton

The Thieves of Tyburn Square
About Elizabeth Fry

The Drummer Boy's Battle
About Florence Nightingale

Defeat of the Ghost Riders
About Mar McLeod Bethune

The Gold Miners' Rescue
About Sheldon Jackson

The Forty-Acre Swindle
About George Washington Carver

Roundup of the Street Rovers
About Charles Loring Brace

Caught in the Rebel Camp
About Frederick Douglass