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The Trailblazers have been popular with homeschoolers and other Christian families, selling 1.7 million. For a whole new generation, we can now offer all 40 titles as eBooks. But we need your help spreading the word about their availability and value.

The Offer: Buy the Premium Edition CD with all 40 eBooks for $39.60 plus S&H and get 8 digital curriculum guides FREE. These 24-page unit studies accompany eight of the Trailblazer books, each guide is valued at $5 if purchased separately. (View them on a computer or print them out as the guides' type face may appear to small on a hand-held device.) Click on them below to read more.


Your Part: Recommend the Trailblazer CD eight times. Each recommendation you make in the following categories counts toward your eight recommendations. You could do three in one category, two in another, and three in the third—any combination adding up to eight. Or you might come up with other ways to promote the Trailblazer CD. Be creative.

  • Personally recommend the CD to friends—word of mouth, at your homeschool support group, by email, text message, postcard—just be sure to include our Trailblazer web site:
  • Write a review for a blog, on a web site, or on Facebook. Again, link to our Trailblazer web site:
  • Write a recommendation in any print media: your church announcements or bulletin, local newspaper, homeschool or parenting newsletter or magazine—anything to get the word out. Always include since this is the only way people can buy the CD.

You're on your honor to complete your eight recommendations, but we certainly thank you for your support!

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