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duck.jpg (2178 bytes) The Duck Who Quacked Bubbles
In Neta's delightful story for younger children, Grumble learns not to complain and in so doing earns a new name. It was first published in the beloved Loving One Another (Gold 'n' Honey Books, 1993), now out of print. 1993 Neta Jackson.

Puma.jpg (4420 bytes) The Sacrifice
This nature adventure by Neta (Thiessen) Jackson won first-place in Literary Cavalcade, May 1962, and was republished in Discovery (SBS, 1967), an anthology of Scholastic Magazine's best short stories. It is for middle and older readers. 1962, 2000 Neta Jackson.

Cooper.jpg (2932 bytes) The Cooper's Confession
A coward finds courage in this story of Hans Blietel, a 16th Century Christian martyr. It is published in On Fire for Christ (Harold Press, 1989), a collection of short stories by Dave and Neta Jackson based on the records in the a.d. 1660 volume, Martyrs Mirror. It is for middle and older readers. 1989 Herald Press, 2000 Dave Jackson.

B-Ball.jpg (3887 bytes) Saturday Night in the Korca Gym
Basketball, refugees, and the Gospel--a young American in Albania during the Kosovo crisis learns how to share God's love. It is published in The Storytellers' Collection (Multnomah Publishers, 2000). It is for middle and older readers. 2000 Neta Jackson.