World Map of Trailblazer Books

Locate the title in the list below that corresponds to the number on the map

1. Kidnapped by River Rats
2. The Queen's Smuggler
3. Spy for the Night Riders
4. The Hidden Jewel
5. Escape from the Slave Traders
6. The Chimney Sweep's Ransom
7. The Bandit of Ashley Downs
8. Imprisoned in the Golden City
9. Shanghaied to China
10. Listen for the Whippoorwill
11. Attack in the Rye Grass
12. Trial by Poison
13. Flight of the Fugitives
14. The Betrayer's Fortune
15. Abandoned on the Wild Frontier
16. Danger on the Flying Trapeze
17. The Runaway's Revenge
18. The Thieves of Tyburn Square
19. Quest for the Lost Prince
20. The Warrior's Challenge
21. The Drummer Boy's Battle
22. Traitor in the Tower
23. Defeat of the Ghost Riders
24. The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee
25. The Gold Miners' Rescue
26. The Mayflower Secret
27. Assassins in the Cathedral
28. Mask of the Wolf Boy
29. Race for the Record
30. Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp
31. The Forty-Acre Swindle
32. Hostage on the Nighthawk
33. Journey to the End of the Earth
34. Drawn by a China Moon
35. Sinking the Dayspring
36. Roundup of the Street Rovers
37. Risking the Forbidden Game
38. Blinded by the Shining Path
39. Exiled to the Red River
40. Caught in the Rebel Camp/Civil War