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SAFE WEB SITE—This Web site does not gather ANY information from viewers, nor does it deposit any cookies or other applets on your computer.

E-MAIL—Visitors are invited to e-mail us (see the "Contact Us" page), and we will try to respond as time permits.

LINKS—In connection with each Trailblazer Book, we have listed several Web links for additional research. This is especially useful for homeschoolers or other students. At the time we created the links, these other Web sites were found to be child-appropriate, usually involving historical or geographical material related to that Trailblazer Book or concerning the contemporary church or mission work in the area. However, we cannot accept responsibility for the ongoing quality of other Web sites, therefore, we recommend parents remain alert whenever their children are on line. If you discover that one of our links is broken or leads to a questionable site, please let us know, and we will investigate.

Thank you,
Dave & Neta Jackson

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