Pet Parables, Vol. 1
Text © 2004 by Neta Jackson, Illustrations © 2004 by Anne Gavitt

From the award-winning author of ...

  • The Yada Yada Prayer Group
  • The Trailblazer Series, and
  • Hero Tales

... comes a delightful picture book for young children.

Hardcover, 8" x 8", 48 pgs. from Kregel Kidzone, an imprint of Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI.
ISBN 0-8254-2938-2

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The Duck Who Quacked Bubbles

Pages 28 & 29

The space under the front porch of the farmhouse was cool and shady. The straw in the old blueberry box was clean and sweet-smelling. So why did Grumble feel all hot and squashed?

The little duckling opened her eyes. All she could see were fuzzy yellow feathers in her face.

"Cuddle!" she quacked loudly. "I can't take a nap if you're lying on top
of me!"

Grumble's sister wiggled over in the nest.

This woke up all the other ducklings in the blueberry box.

"Mama," yawned Noodle. "Grumble's complaining again and waking us up.

"Shhh," hissed Mama Duck. She wasn't ready to get up yet.

But by now all six ducklings were awake and falling out of the nest--Noodle, Puddle, Waddle, Cuddle, Dawdle, and Grumble. Mama Duck sighed and waddled out from under the porch into the bright sunshine.

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