Pet Parables, Vol. 1
Text © 2004 by Neta Jackson, Illustrations © 2004 by Anne Gavitt

From the award-winning author of ...

  • The Yada Yada Prayer Group
  • The Trailblazer Series, and
  • Hero Tales

... comes a delightful picture book for young children.

Hardcover, 8" x 8", 48 pgs. from Kregel Kidzone, an imprint of Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI.
ISBN 0-8254-2938-2

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Pages 30 & 31

The six ducklings scurried close behind her. They all looked exactly alike, but each one was special. Noodle liked to eat, Puddle would rather swim, and—

“I saw that bug first!” Grumble quacked just then. “Mama, Noodle ate the bug that I was going to eat!”

... And then there was Grumble. Mama Duck pretended not to hear Grumble’s complaints and marched toward the cheerful sign that said, “Patty’s Blueberry Patch.” Beside the fruit stand were rows and rows of thick blueberry bushes. Nearby was a pond.


The water sparkled in the sunlight.

“Let’s go swimming, Mama!” said Puddle.

“Yes! Yes!” quacked the other ducklings.

“Yeah, sure,” muttered Grumble. “Puddle wants to go swimming so he can splash me again, just like he did yesterday.”

“Let’s visit the fruit stand first,” said Mama Duck. “Patty might have some berries we can eat for a snack.”


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